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The Best Dance Songs For Gay Couples


When planning your wedding day, there is so much to consider. From the venue to the dress, there is one important element that cannot be overlooked: your first dance song.

Media reports of the male/male dance couples on SCD and DoI were framed within an inclusive masculinity discourse, which constructed Britain as a progressive society and positioned viewers who lodged complaints as a homophobic minority.

Queen’s I Was Born To Love You

This anthem from the band with a rainbow flag on their logo is a perfect fit for your wedding. It embodies the power of love and celebrates that there’s nothing that can separate two people who are meant to be together. Plus, the lyrics are incredibly romantic and the music video is a perfect example of LGBTQ inclusion.

One of the earliest gay icons, Freddie Mercury’s music has always been an open celebration of sexuality and diversity. His song explains that he is a man who loves men and women, and he hopes that everyone can find their own version of love.

If you want to dance with your partner and your friends, this is the perfect song. It’s a bouncy anthem about having fun and being who you are, and it will definitely get you moving!

Kylie Minogue is a proud ally of the queer community, and while she may not have written this song explicitly for them, the pansexual vibes are clear. The bouncy beat and playful lyrics make this a hit at any gay club.

This song has some controversy, as RuPaul sent two queens packing on Season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race for lip-synching it. However, the song’s staying power and message of embracing diversity are unquestionable. It’s a bubblegum banger that’s as much of a middle finger to callous bigots as it is a call to the dance floor for gay people everywhere.

Culture Club’s Love Is Love

The uplifting message of Love Is Love, courtesy of Culture Club’s frontman Boy George, speaks to every kind of love. The song, which explores a wide range of emotions from fear to loneliness and the joys of being in love, has remained a timeless classic since its release in 1984. The band’s ability to mix a variety of musical styles with thought-provoking lyrics makes this song a great choice for any gay wedding.

The Australian pop princess may be best known for ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head,’ but the euphoric disco swoon of ‘All the Lovers’ is a true Pride anthem. With its human pyramid of pansexual smooching and a glittering video that teems with drag queens and a galloping white horse, it’s the perfect way to celebrate your gay love.

The icy dance anthem of this Billie Ray Martin track is an antidote to the drama of many gay dance songs. Instead of letting your heart race with each turn around the dance floor, this sultry tune calmly reveals the rewards of patience. It’s also gender-neutral, so it’s a great choice for non-binary couples or a couple that is transitioning to a different identity.

Tegan & Sara’s Your Song

The twins have had a storied 20-year career that’s seen them transform from teenaged acoustic folk-poppers to riot-grrl punk heroes and synth-pop troubadours. With the release of their ninth album, Hey I’m Just Like You, they returned to their high school journals and re-recorded demos that showcased their wide-eyed hopefulness as open-hearted teenage songwriters.

The result was a record that’s dark and nuanced but also brimming with teenage glee. Tegan is the garrulous one, lengthily riffing on whatever topic is catching her fancy, while Sara contributes frequent side-eye. In the end, their chemistry is unmistakable and their songwriting still rings true.

This track is the perfect choice for LGBTQ+ couples because it’s about finding love and healing wounds. The lyrics remind us that love can conquer all things, even the ones we think are impossible. It’s a sentiment that’s as applicable to same-sex marriages as it is to lesbian, transgender and non-binary relationships.

If you want to take this song up a notch, have the Vitamin String Quartet play it at your wedding. They’ve recorded numerous string covers of pop songs, including Your Song, and are a great choice for same-sex and LGBTQ+ weddings. Their music can add a romantic and sophisticated touch to any celebration. Check out their playlist The Gay Wedding Collection here. This playlist features 65 songs that are a perfect fit for same-sex and LGBTQ+ weddings, whether you’re looking for a ballad or something more upbeat to dance to.

Tegan & Sara’s Nothing Without You

There are plenty of things to consider when planning a wedding, from finding a venue that welcomes same-sex couples to picking out the perfect cake and decorations. But arguably one of the most important decisions is what song you and your partner will choose for your first dance. The right song can set the tone for your entire night and send a message of love and togetherness that will be remembered forever. Whether you want to slow dance with your partner or bust out some carefully choreographed moves, there are plenty of queer-themed songs to choose from.

Tegan and Sara are one of indie rock’s most prolific duos. The twin siblings are visionary songwriters and authors who’ve traversed sonic terrain from folk/punk to indie rock, new wave, ’80s synth, and modern pop over the course of two decades. They’ve won battles of the bands, toured the world, and even written a memoir about their high school years.

But with their ninth album, Hey, I’m Just Like You, the pair is returning to a simpler time. The record is deliberately scrappier than any of their previous work, roughing up their leftfield pop ambitions with surprising sonic curveballs. It’s also meant to feel loose and spontaneous, a nod to the spontaneity that drove their early albums.


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