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NY gay strip clubs are not just for gay men, I can understand if you are intimidated about going to a gay strip club. NY has a reputation for being a pretty conservative state (aside from the fact that we have the most expensive taxes in the country, which is true).

And so it can be intimidating to go out to a gay strip club. Well, I have good news for you don’t have to fear going to a gay strip club in NYC because there are tons of them! NYC gay strip clubs cater to straight men as well. Not sure if that is the correct venue for this, but thought I would post for all NY city bros out there, whether you are gay or straight, about a new gay strip club opening in Manhattan called Adonis Lounge – it is in midtown, near downtown Brooklyn, and they are pretty new.

The Adonis Lounge is a full service gay strip club with tons of exotic dancers, exotic music, and very high quality service. They have strippers, male strippers, lap dancers, exotic massage therapists, and they even have a pedicurist on staff! They cater mainly to men but they have a few women’s clubs as well, for the lady’s who want a little more fun in the club.

Adonis also has two other smaller gay strip bars, one located in Manhattan Beach, the other in Astoria, Queens, that serve different clientele. The dancers at the other clubs cater more to women and girls looking to spice things up in the bedroom. Adonis offers all types of dancing for men, women, couples, and of course those looking for lap dancing, pole dancing, or even some dancing of the buttocks!


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