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Would you like to learn how to dance a beautiful group called the “Latino Dance Mob” known as the “Chacha gays”? Could you be part of this growing group of gay men and women that are going to be a trend setter? Are you ready to have some fun and make some friends? If so then you need to know how to dance a gay Latin group called the “Chacha Gays.”

The “Chachas Gay Men” is a group of gay Latin American men that dances to a Latin rhythm. The music is Cumbia, a unique and exciting form of Cuban music. The group was started in 1995 in New York and since then has gone on to become very successful with over thirty thousand members strong. The goal of this group is to create a community for gay men that will unite in the love of dance.

They hold regular salsa lessons for their members as well as they have an annual gay pride parade. This all adds up to a community of people that are not only looking to have fun but also to make friends and build a community that cares about them. The “Chacha Gay Men” will surely have many more years of success in the future.


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